Networking is so important because in an era where the computer and social media has become a way to network online, the art of face to face networking is more important than ever.

One of the first things you need to do to be successful at networking is be out going, social, confident and not hang out on the fringe hoping someone comes to say hello. You must get out and meet as many people as you can, if people are key to the success of your business. The more times you work a room full of people the more you give your business a chance of success and you will become more & more confident over time.

The good news is today there are many networking opportunities with groups such as The Burbank Business Network, Chamber of Commerce, and Networking events posted on Eventbrite and Facebook.

So next time you have a chance to attend a networking function follow these tips to become confident at networking.

Before you attend the event write down what your strengths, attributes and special skills are in order for you to know why someone should be interested in what you have to offer. Keep these strengths in your head in order to boost your confidence and remind yourself of why people should be talking with you and listening to what you have to say.

Creating the outcome is a key to success. Picture the room in your mind, picture yourself shaking hands and talking with people. By visualizing everything you will be doing it can really help even they most shy individual. Visualization is a powerful tool used by many successful people whether it is in business, sports or entertainment.

Now when it comes to working a room you need to have a confident posture, a controlled walk, be friendly, make lots of eye contact and a firm handshake to those you meet. You can use your surroundings as an opening topic to talk about. Example the venue or the host. This will help you to find a common bond and to keep the conversation going. Always start with small talk before you get down to business, and listen first.

Ask Questions:
Nobody cares about you yet, they care about what you can do for them. So when you need to get down to business have some questions prepared to ask people in order to find out what their needs are and then you can shape the conversation in order to reflect the way your services will help people in these areas. You don’t have to be pushy or sell, just build interest. This will make people more receptive to be helped by you.

Listen to Learn:
When it comes your turn remember to repeat the individuals name back to them, talking is a small percent of what you should be doing. The key is to actively listen to what they have to say and keep a mental database of as many details you can about the person to whom you are talking. If possible always get a business card. The best time to ask is usually after they have talked about what they do and then you can offer yours in return.

If the person is interested in what you can offer, fold the corner of the business card so you know to rapidly follow up.

Lastly, when you return home be sure to follow up while the information is fresh on your mind. Use it to maintain and build and rapport for future meetings emails and phone calls. Everyone likes a person who remembers them. Within the next 24 hours be sure to email everyone, just a quick email saying how you enjoyed there company and mention something special or unique about that person, plus suggest that they book a follow up chat with you, and send a link to your calendar.

Networking is the easy part of the cycle, even for the most shy. Success of your time being well spent comes from whether you follow up and start to nurture a relationship.

One of the biggest issues I see is people follow up once, and then let the person drop while they run to their next networking event.

This is why I have developed a perfect system to help you follow up automatically, consistently, persistently all while keeping their interest. This is important to have, because those leads are precious and need to be nurtured. It’s the reason you went and got them, but because you are so busy the follow up cycle gets dropped.

So next time you have a chance to attend a networking function follow these tips to become confident at networking, and if you want to find out more about how to effectively and automatically build a system of know, like and trust while you nurture new prospects on autopilot – schedule a call with me – or find out more about it here –

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